Our present day society has a mixed attitude towards children and people with disabilities. Some look towards such people with compassion and sympathy, while others treat them as social aberrations and look upon them with disdain and even scorn. Whatever be the attitude of the people in general, it is an inescapable fact that the number of such children and people – especially those with mental disabilities are growing every day.
In this perspective, some parents (mainly mothers) of children with mental and other disabilities assembled at the meeting hall of North East Academy in the afternoon of the 10th of March, 2017 with their minds full of aspiration and hope and decided to form a society for the imparting the facilities of various therapies, special education, vocational training and music to such special children at a minimal cost, looking after the overall development of such children and aiming to make them capable of surviving independently in this world. The society was to be named “ESSAH Centre for development of disabled children. Thus, ESSAH was born.
To enable this a building was taken on rent at Hengrabari Housing Colony Road. The same was decorated and furnished. Various teaching aids and equipment were purchased. Different therapists were engaged mainly through personal contacts. Gradually parents of such specially abled children started contacting ESSAH. Therapy sessions were started and charges of the same were fixed keeping the barest minimum margin for the centre which was required for the basic maintenance. After a few months a school of inclusive education was started in March, 2018 under the name of ESSAH KIDS.

Visions and Objectives

The ultimate vision of ESSAH is to provide the best possible educational and therapeutical facilities with all the required equipment to the specially abled children from all over Assam (and India) at the minimum expenses. The final aim is to make these children independent, self-sufficient, fully capable of surviving on their own in today’s world and becoming capable and respected citizens. ESSAH also endeavours to develop and nourish the special abilities and talents of individual children and guide them towards fulfillment of their aims and passions.

The objectives of ESSAH are:

1.Providing top quality facilities in:

a)Special Education
b)Speech Therapy
c)Occupational therapy
d)Art Based Therapy
e)Art, crafts and vocational training
*at minimal rates.

2.Providing inclusive educational facilities for special children.

3.Providing vocational training facilities and teaching the children various crafts and trades with a view to making them self-sufficient and independent

4.Providing sports facilities to the children with the intent to keep them physically fit and healthy

5.Providing all these facilities free of cost to specially abled children whose parents’ total income is below the poverty line

6.Providing occasional recreation for the children through educational visits, celebration of various events and arranging outdoor trips for them

7.Developing self-contained residential units where the specially abled children are able to stay fearlessly and freely in the presence of or even in the absence of their parents

Executive Committee

Popy Sarma


Banani Das


Jhuma Mahajan


Executive Members

Munmun Das

Executive Member

Tiluttama Barpatra

Executive Member

Kingkini Choudhury 

Executive Member

Geetanjali Dutta 

Executive Member

Runjun Gogoi

Executive Member