What we offer

Inclusive Education

A school of inclusive education under the name of ESSAH kids has been started to provide educational facilities for the specially abled children according to their individual needs and capabilities. The school runs for 5(five) days a week from Monday to Friday. At present, more than 20 children are attending the school.

Speech Therapy

A well trained and qualified Speech Therapist regularly visits ESSAH and provides speech therapy sessions for the children who are in need of the same.

Occupational Therapy

Several highly qualified Occupational Therapists visit ESSAH regularly and give sessions of occupational therapy for the special children.


A trained sports teacher regularly attends ESSAH and gives physical exercise and fitness sessions for the children. He also gives them training in various sports. Sometimes outdoor sessions of sports are also arranged for the children. ESSAH is aiming to obtain as much equipment as possible to keep the children fit and to develop them in various sports.